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From fascination to business

In this market context, Promar Textil Industries was established in 1994, following the fascination of Mr. Moraru, back then a young ngineer specialized in automation, for automatic knitting machines in the textile industry.

Promar Textil Industries was founded and developed until today as a family-owned business, having as main competence and field of activity, right from its start, the production of knitwear. With extensive experience in this field, the company has reached a high level of know-how in the manufacturing and processing of textiles, natural and synthetic fibres, in the application of humid-thermic treatments, as well as in the specific maintenance operations for textiles and fibres.

Currently, the name Promar Textil Industries is internationally recognized , as our company is an important supplier for European manufacturers of luxury knitwear- famous international brands from Italy, Germany, France, UK and other.

Currently, the activity of Promar Textil Industries is structured, within the same legal entity, in two main divisions:

  • Knitwear production
  • Professional laundry service