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State of the art technology- flexibility and complexity in production

Currently we have a section for knitted products and two sections for the confection of knitted panels.

The section for knitted products is endowed with modern technology, having the capacity to deliver within a short time orders of high complexity: knitting machines of different gauges, flat electronic knitting machines, knitting machines for collars and trims, rewinding machines, waxing machines. This section includes a technical office for the programming of knitting machines, equipped with multiple graphical work stations using a specialized software application for the programming of CNC knitting machines..

The sewing sections are equipped with specific machines for confection of knitted items, as: linking machines with flexible stitches, "Überdeck" machines, sewing machines, pre-ironing tables, steam finishing tables, laser-cutting machines, bar tacks sewing machines, button-hole and button saw machines, flat lock machines, trimms knitting machines, electric cutters, finishing machines and thermo-presses for labelling.

Besides the sections for knitwear and garments, our company has specialized departments for finishing and specific treatments for knitted items, endowed with modern washing and ironing technology, thus providing dimensional and hand feel fixing. Promar Textil Industries  has its own embroidery workshop as well.

Furthermore, we offer our clients services of dyeing knitted articles in finished form for both the cotton and the wool materials, thanks to our closed located professional cooperation partners.