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Surgical mask

Disposable surgical mask with 3 layers and 3 folds

Product Code: MED09RO

The surgical mask is a physical barrier to limit the transmission of infectious pathogens. It is recommended for medical staff and patients during medical procedures, as well as for anyone in crowded urban areas, public transport, shopping malls and enclosed spaces where joint activities take place. Built in three layers, with three folds, it ensures sufficient extension to cover the wearer's mouth and nose. It contains flexible fasteners for added comfort.

Technical Details

The MED09RO surgical mask is built in accordance with the EN 14683+AC:2019 standard, being a Class 1, type II medical device and having a bacteria and viruses filtration efficiency BFE > 98%.

The mask consists of three layers: the first layer is absorbent and anti-allergic, the second one - filtering layer, and the last one - splashing resistant.

The MED09RO surgical mask is approved by The Romanian Ministry of Health.

How to use

The recommended use is a maximum of 4 hours After this time, the filtering capacity is no longer guaranteed.

It is recommended to follow the instructions for wear specified on the package and not to touch the first layer of the mask during the wearing maneuvres.

After use, it is collected in dedicated containers for recycling.


The MED09RO surgical mask is disposable, non-sterile.

The masks are kept in the boxes or in the foil in which they are delivered, in ventilated spaces, at temperatures between  15 – 50 °C and with a humidity of up to 40%.

MediBox Duo Pack


30 pcs / box

It is recommended for work teams whose daily consumption is of minimum one box.


2 pcs / pack

The set is designed to cover the daily need for the professional activities of the employees.

The set ensures protection for 8 hours: in the first 4 hours of using a mask, the other one remains protected in the packaging film.




*Class I Medical Devices Manufacturer, registered in the National Database of the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices of Romania.

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