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Currently Promar Textil Industries offers two major types of textile products: knitted items and professional garments .

Knitted items we offer are:

  • "Fully-fashion" items of higher fineness gauge (12 and 14 gauge), produced with our own finishing and washing capacity, made with flexible stitching on "Kett" machines. This product range is designed for the medium-high level, and even "haute couture" fashion industry.
  • "Cut & sew" items combining leisure with panels and knitted fabrics, textile leather and genuine leather, in a line that joints panels and knitted textiles, genuine leather and imitation leather. This product range is designed for the use "out of the office" , in niche sports such as golf, water sports and similar.

Currently, Promar Textil owns the technical and professional capacity to produce about 150.000 knitted articles / year.

Professional garments we offer include uniforms, work clothing and textiles for hotels and catering units.

  • The production of uniforms and work clothing is made with respect to a highest professional technological level, these articles being intended to be serviced in professional industrial laundry units. These products are dedicated to clients from different industries: medical, food and manufacturing.
  • Textile products for hotels and catering units are manufactured using specific quality materials and respecting certain concepts for their maintenance in professional industrial laundries.

Currently, Promar Textil industries has a production capacity of professional garments of approximately 25,000 items / year.

The quality of our products results from the high level of competence of the production team, using state of teh art technology , high quality raw materials and textile materials.