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Conservative management – qualified, efficient and innovative production team

The main success of Promar Textil Industries during the 20 years of existence is the level of competence of our production team. After two decades of evolution under conservative management, the company has reached the stage at which, independent of fluctuations in natural personal life of any organization, the quality of the staff team is consistently at the highest exigency standard of our customers.

The continuous development of our enterprise was closely linked to the evolution of our team of 15 employees in 1994 to 220 today.

The level of qualification and competence of our staff is developed over time through accumulation of experience, through the continuous qualification at the working place and dealing with various situations. Our engineers bring extensive experience in both customer service and passion for the field of textiles, with the ability to turn any simple sketch into a final product with a high quality.

Our approach in the competitive scope of the textile industry, is to provide our customers- international top-tier brands in the fashion industry - with all our skills and expertise gained in 20 years of experience in the development and production of textile products.